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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Beating dead horses

With the release of the Pre-Katrina tape, the media has decided to rehash the beating of a dead horse. With Bush's popularity, according to CBS floundering, and Republicans beginning to turn against him, the media has decided to join in on the campaign.

In an article appearing in the Stock Market News,

"The tape shows Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff being told on Aug. 28 that the hurricane could trigger breaches of levees that protect the city as well as threaten the Superdome, which became a last-ditch shelter for storm victims. The tapes were obtained by the Associated Press, which played Nagin the excerpt."

In an article from CNN, the truth begins to come out,

"I don't think anyone can tell you with confidence right now whether the levees will be topped or not, but that's obviously a very, very great concern," Mayfield says in one.

This does not involve the breaking of levees, merely that the water would have gone over the levees, thereby allowing the city to flood much slower, and the city's response to be much quicker. Instead the infrastructure broke down because of lack of communication and the reign of anarchy. The city government was gone, already having deserted the city fleeing to the nearby city of Baton Rouge.

Again, the mentioning of "topping" the levies.

"I don't think any model can tell you with any confidence right now whether the levies will be topped or not, but that's obviously a very, very grave concern."-Max Mayfield, head of the NHC, quote taken directly from the transcript.

CNN has decided to become less biased, and a word for word quote,

"A special House committee concluded last month that the response to Katrina at all levels of government was dismal, poorly planned and badly coordinated, showing that "America is still not ready for prime time" more than four years after the September 11, 2001, attacks (From CNN)."

In a shocking (NOT!) move, several opponents to Ray Nagin have signed on to campaign against the mayor's election bid, challenging to run for election themselves, and two signed on within an hour of opening (From CNN .).

Surprisingly, some sites praise the incompetent man, calling him a hero of the city. From City Mayors. Com:

"The Mayor has also infuriated opponents on both sides of the political divide but is also known as a redoubtable champion of the city and is looking for re-election in 2006."

Where exactly was the city transit system Mr. Nagin?

May I remind you, there are repeated rumors of a "hurricane party" hosted by Mayor Ray Nagin. May I remind you that the N.H.C. head Max Mayfield had to personally call Nagin, at midnight, to convince the man to call for a mandatory evacuation, just one day prior to the expected landfall of a Cat. 5 hurricane. May I remind you that the city's transportation system was entirely absent in trying to help evacuate the people of New Orleans.