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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Oh what a Saturday

A few embassies came under attack after the violent streak following the cartoons depicting Mohammed as a murderous tyrant wearing a hat looking suspiciously like a bomb. Both Denmark and Norway were quick to pull their people out, a smart choice for what is going on. Europe continuously does not get it, that these Moslems don't care about the culture of the lands they are in.

These photos being borrowed from Yahoo! News (and some images also borrowed from Michelle Malkin's blog- which came from Yahoo news)

This photo, of Islamic protesters in Europe, does nothing to aide your comfort. When people like Jacque Chirac talk about integration and freedom, what's to be done about it when the people you are trying to get to integrate with you clearly don't want that freedom?

IAEA refers to the Security Council

Things aren't looking to good for Iran right now. With a deadline to halt WMD creation by March from Israel, and the U.N. thinking about convening a summit to discuss the issues going on in Iran, things just look grim. In a few short days Iran may get a letter from the UN talking about how angry they are and that Iran should stop at once. We all know how effective that will be, not very.

As the UN gets its collective conscience, and the powers of Western Europe realize that Iran doesn't mind wiping out Anglo-saxon civilization, with the closing deadline by Israel to give up Iran's nuclear ambitions, and the growing forces mounting against Islam, specifically against Denmark and Norway, are things coming down to a showdown (militarily of course)?

Now I'm off again to study Anatomy, till next time.


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