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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Case for Iran

Iran is a continuing threat for the governments of this planet. Some like to pretend that it isn't, and some like to live in naivete. Some prefer to say so what? They don't want to get into another war, after troubling issues facing Iraq, and so are content to let Iran get the bomb. They don't mind the nation of state-sponsored terrorism getting the bomb so as to make sure they don't have to go to war.

So then they harrass the people in charge for not protecting them. It is the classic signs of the left over hippie era. Eric Cartmen may be a little turd, as well as rude. Though those that watch South Park can't help but laugh still at his antics. But at least he doesn't like hippies. Dirty, disgusting, they turn nice towns into trashvilles and potvilles. Go to Woodstock, NY, and see what the hippies have done. No thank you, I'll stay with good ole' Conservative Florida. Where I know that if someone threatens my life, I can defend myself.

Anyways, Iran is a menace. Ahmanijehad has said he will not rest until "anglo-saxon civilization is wiped from the face of this Earth." And people don't want to defend themselves against this guy???? Geeze, what happened to standing up for one's self?

Anyways, see ya's to sleep and study for anatomy.


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