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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As I sit and Ponder

So, what, if any, significance happened today? Can't think of anything. Iran is still making threats, Europe is pretending to do something about it, more and more protests are arising out of the ashes, and what does Europe do? Continues to talk about integration. Now I know that the protests in Europe right now aren't the same type of protests that occured in Paris for fifteen straight days, and then they did it on New Years for the hell of it. No, these continue to be much more milder.

But now there's been some issues concerned about whether these cartoons stretch the line. On the one hand, you have CNN saying that the protestors are merely demonstrators protesting what they believe to be the desecration of one of their prophets. CNN would be claiming this even after one or more of their regional offices are razed to the ground. But would you expect the same response from CNN if the Religious Right in this country (for which I am a proud member of) burned down their regional offices after such blatant attacks on Christianity?

You don't see Christians out in full force protesting the use of Kanye Jesus now do you? Granted I find it utterly disrespectful, but I'm not going to be out there burning down CNN offices all over the country. But look at abortion clinics and the attacks throughout history that they've come under. They call the people "religious fanatics" and "insane" and probably even "heartless." Heartless and insane for saving the lives of unborn children sacrificed for the sake of the mother's convenience. Damn this heartless b&*t#$d. I don't agree with illegal means of trying to ban abortion, I believe that we should be trying to do everything in the law to end this (though Abortion isn't law).

To the Islamic World, get over it. To Europe, grow up and realize that your ideals of "integration", are stupid. And to the World, get ready and bunker down because the past two decades since our beloved nobel peace prize winner Carter's failure to bring down the Iranian theocracy causes us a bunch of trouble. To the leftist, treehugging, pacifists, go to the Amazon, you're needed there. Maybe you'll survive and the rest of us won't...wait, won't. Human nature will kick in and you'll find out just how vicious the game of politics truly is.


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