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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Address to the DUmmies

So the game went off without a hitch, no terrorist attack, much to the chagrin of the far-left wackos over at Democratic Underground. Sure, they said that they don't want a terrorist attack, but their beliefs (they think Bush plotted, conspired, and planned) Sept. 11 as an excuse for going to war with Iraq. Now for the ultimate voice of reason, and to any DUmmies trolling on my blog, yes beware, I know you're out there, "WTF?!?!?!" First off, Bush invaded Afghanistan, totally different country with very limited oil supplies (thereby not justifying your theory of his War On Terror as a guise for Oil), almost bankrupt (and quite potentially, IS BANKRUPT!), so where the hell did you get that?

All of this MIHOP/LIHOP sounds like a crock of crap to attack the President for the sake of attaking the president. Where's your evidence? I'm not talking about some peon in the FBI evidence, I'm talking solid hard-core information. Just listening to others like you makes it true? Hello, have you seen the Al-Qaeda videos, Osama admitted to it. And if you want to get technical, are you saying that Bush has planned attacks before 9/11? Are you suggesting that Bush planned the U.S.S. Cole bombing, perhaps the embassy bombings back in '98 when Al-Qaeda first formed? You implicated Bush in the so-called Carlyle Group, yet immediately quieted once it was revealed by conservative bloggers like me that George Soros, patron billionaire-saint of the Democratic National Committee, was a member.

But at least we get to laugh at your crazy, delusional statements. Blogs like PJ's DUmmie Funnies are great for kicks and laughs, and the stupid things you say are forever immortalized on his blog. If I knew how to put a permanent link to his blog on mine, It would most definitely be there. We enjoy the antics of BenBurch, Arlene Martinez (penname flygal??), Pied Piper Pitt, Pied Piper Pitt's temporary sockpuppet.

We enjoy those things deeply. We also wonder when the gestapo is going to haul "true-and-noble-Paul-Revere" Piper off to jail for statutory rape.


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